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zephyrlemarta's Journal

21 March
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How do you do? My name and title is King Zephyr LeMarta, but please, just call me Zephyr. There's really no need for formality here.

I'm the fictional ruler of a fictional land called Mortigany, created by the human writer CarlyChameleon. Or perhaps I'm the real one, and you're the figments that I created...it's all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

As you probably could guess, I enjoy pondering all kinds of things, no matter how silly or impossible they may seem to others. Case in point, I'm trying to woo the princess of a neighboring country that wants to wipe me and all my countrymen from the map. So far, she hasn't been terribly receptive. Unless you consider her shooting me with an arrow from a bow I gave her once as a birthday present "progress"...

Anyhow, while I'm a night-born, many of my subjects are from different races or species, humans the most numerous among them. Despite, or perhaps because of this, I enjoy meeting and listening to people of various backgrounds and experiences. So don't be shy about drumming up a conversation--I'm certainly not!